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About Life Radio

Life Radio is an educational radio station, broadcasting Christian music and programming, and is therefore limited from broadcasting actual advertisements like you might hear on commercial stations mentioning exact prices or specials.

We are "Listener Supported" and rely financially on:

Contributions from our listeners, many of which are faithful monthly contributors.

Funding from various broadcasts.

Contributions from area businesses who have chosen to show their support of Christian music on Life Radio.

This support is called "Underwriting". If you would like to donate to our station, click here for your opportunity!

If you are have a business and would like to help support Life Radio, Life Radio will air a message about your company such as name, address, telephone number, and a brief non-promotional description of your products or services.

Not only is your contribution beneficial to Life Radio, but our supporter messages benefit your business as well by letting the listeners know that the business is interested in helping to provide great Christian music to this area on Life Radio. Our listeners support these businesses. By supporting Life Radio, businesses reach a totally different audience than they would reach on another station - a very dedicated and loyal audience.

Find out how easily your business can benefit by supporting Life Radio. Contact us today by email, or by using our online contact form, or by phone at 573-686-1663.

Tell Us What You Think... We Want To Hear From You!

Phone: 573-686-1663
Email: info@dcmliferadio.org